Peak Ingredients

At Peak Ingredients, we know that the biggest innovations in the food and beverage industries are happening on the ingredient and formulator level—and that what goes into making the food and drink we consume matters. Ultimately, it is these ingredients, and how the products are formed, that decides whether a product is healthy or not. Peak Ingredients is a proud supporter of companies focused on creating the innovative products that contribute to a healthy lifestyle and support the well-being of consumers. Learn more about Peak Ingredients.

Side by Side

Side by Side was born out of our passion for the dogs and cats we share our lives with, and the realization that they are the same companions that depend on us to maintain their quality of life. So as we aim to eat food made from only the freshest and most nutritious ingredients in our own diets, it only feels right to do the same for theirs. Smart pet owners are choosing Side by Side because we formulate food that is specifically balanced for canine and feline nutritional requirements, and offers a customized, comprehensive diet for each and every pet. Learn more about Side by Side.

American Heart Association

The American Heart Association is up against the killer of on average 610,000 Americans annually, but through precision medicine they’re making strides towards eliminating the risk of life-threatening heart disease. Specifically, precision medicine aims to treat and prevent disease by fully considering an individual’s genes, environment, and lifestyle to create targeted, safer, and ultimately, more effective medical solutions. Learn more about The Institute for Precision Cardiovascular Medicine™.